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Our family purchased Bear River Lodge in 1997. In November 1997, we moved our family with four little girls from ages 4 to 11 to a small cabin in the woods. We were excited for the adventure that awaited us, but really, we had no idea what these next 20 years would bring. These four little girls have now grown up and are married, and have families of their own. We now get to share this wonderful place with our daughters, husbands, and children.

We have worked hard to create a place where family and friends can come together to enjoy the incredible outdoors and truly create Memories to Last a Lifetime.

One of our unique keys to success is that we border over a million acres of national forest. This beautiful land has been set aside for our benefit and is protected for all generations to come.

A national forest is divided into different areas of use. The slogan "Land of Many Uses" identifies its true nature. There are areas set aside for cattle grazing, harvesting timber, non-motorized, wilderness, and motorized recreation. We are fortunate enough to border the motorized recreation area of the forest, which gives us direct access to over 400 miles of ATV and UTV trails and hundreds of miles of snowmobiling trails, and tens of thousands of acres of off-trail snowmobiling.

Please bring your family and friends and see all we have to offer. We have cabins in various sizes from 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 bedrooms. This allows us to accommodate couples or large groups of up to 26 people in a 7-bedroom cabin. 

Whether it is Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, we hope you will find time to come visit us and see all we have to offer. We look forward to meeting you.


– Roger Eggett



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