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Written Testimonials

"We purchased a four-week, two-bedroom unit last winter and could not be more pleased with the quality of this resort. Bear River Lodge offers all the benefit of a full-service timeshare while still retaining the personal feel of a private second home. In our first year we have enjoyed countless trips to Bear River for day trips, long weekends and week-long vacations. Each visit we discover new ways to enjoy the Lodge and explore the surrounding wilderness: four-wheeling, fishing, bird-watching, star gazing from our private hot tub and of course miles of spectacular snowmobiling. We always arrive to find the cabin and the resort clean, fully equipped and well maintained. The staff at Bear River Lodge is always welcoming; they are genuinely nice folks dedicated to providing a relaxing and comfortable experience and are fast becoming our friends. With all the struggles of hectic lifestyles our getaways to Bear River Lodge allow for the kind of quality family time our children will remember for a lifetime. We all thoroughly enjoy our visits, our daughters have even named “their” cabin “Picarone” and made a sign to bring with us every trip. Recently our oldest daughter requested that Bear River Lodge be the site for her upcoming ninth birthday party, I can’t think of a better recommendation than that! We look forward to enjoying the “Picarone” for years to come!"

Thank you Bear River Lodge."

Colton, Linda, Madison and Mayley

Park City, Utah

"We love Bear River Lodge! It’s the perfect place to go when we need a quick getaway to relax and have some fun. We were recently married and wanted to do something special for our honeymoon. As owners of a cabin at Bear River Lodge we were able to exchange one of our weeks at The Cabins for a week at an RCI location of our choice. We had many locations to choose from, but finally went with the Pono Kai Resort on the island of Kauai and couldn’t have been happier with our decision!

The resort was absolutely beautiful and the people were so hospitable. When we checked in they upgraded our room from a small one-room studio to a much larger unit complete with a full kitchen, living room, and a balcony overlooking the pool — all free of charge! We were well taken care of and had everything we needed for the memorable honeymoon we’d dreamed of. We enjoyed the breathtaking waterfalls, sunsets, and sand Kauai had to offer. We certainly look forward to every opportunity to visit the Bear River Lodge to enjoy its beautiful scenery and unique activities. We love that mountain air! Thanks, Bear River Lodge!"

Tyler and Kristin Brown

Farmington, Utah

"Ownership in a cabin has always been a dream for my wife. For years we have camped in the High Uinta Mountains with our motor home. We love the area.

Last year it became apparent that with age, the challenges of maintaining the motor home were no longer fun, so we sold. We had looked into timeshare ownership that would permit us to trade for time in some of the more exotic places in the world. The Cabins at Bear River Lodge have proved to be just what we were looking for. We now can spend time in the mountains we love and trade some of our time for places in Hawaii, Vancouver Island, Arizona, and many other places in the world through the RCI affiliation.

We have stayed one week and part of a week in the cabin enjoying the beauty and peace that surrounds the area. We could not be happier! Ownership not only gives us title to the portion of the cabin but is something we can pass on to our heirs."


Robert & Ruth Durran

Orem, Utah

"Our family has always enjoyed camping. We have always set aside a few days every summer when we could get together with the kids and the grandkids and enjoy some time in the great camping areas available to us here in northern Utah. Most of these trips were enjoyed in some of the campgrounds along the Mirror Lake Highway. We always wished that we could enjoy these experiences more often, but the thought of packing up, driving up, and setting up, dampened our enthusiasm to the point that we thought once a year will have to do. Also, the need to have campground reservations made months in advance made it almost impossible to arrange more than an annual visit.

We explored some options to see if we could make the task less daunting. One option is a trailer or RV. This option proved to be too expensive both to purchase and to operate. Plus it created the problem of what to do with the new vehicle when we weren’t using it. The other option was to buy or build a cabin. This option made buying a trailer look cheap. Also care and upkeep on a second residence many miles away made our spring bar tent look like it was still the best option.

Then came our introduction to The Cabins at Bear River Lodge. This has proven to be a perfect fit for our family. The flexibility of the shared ownership plan is just what we needed. We have been able to work out a plan where we can have more time with our children and grandchildren, plus time for our children to enjoy the cabin with just their family. This is really our kind of camping. King-size beds, hot showers, big screen TV and all of the other amenities that come with ownership. To top it all off we are right on the Mirror Lake Highway with all of the beauty, fishing, hiking, and ATV trails (or snowmobile trails if you prefer) that it offers. I might warn you that since we bought our ownership in the Cabins we have fallen in love with seeing the country around there on an ATV. So much so that we recently bought our own and we haven’t had so much fun in years. Best of all is that it is so easy. We have a couple of action packers that we keep all of the things we take with us to the cabin in. When it is time to go we throw them in the car along with what food we want to take and off we go. When it is time to come home we toss them back in the car and off we go again, without a thought of closing down the cabin, or even a worry about who will clean the sheets and towels.

Our purchase of a share of the Cabins at Bear River Lodge has been one of the best choices we have ever made."

Frank and Karen Wight

Centerville, Utah


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