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Lilly Lake
This beautiful mountain lake is nestled in a mountain valley and is home to Rainbow Trout.  Moose, deer and the occasional elk can be spotted drinking from the shoreline and grazing in the mountain meadows surrounding this pristine lake.

Cross Bear River
Hang on as we venture across the Bear River.  This crossing is designed specifically for ATVs and UTVs.  The river is a couple feet deep in this location so hang on and lift up your feet or they might get wet.

Millcreek Mountain
As we climb to about 10,000 feet above sea- level we traverse the side of this mountain on many switchbacks that allow us to view the mountain ranges in the distance.  As we summit this beautiful mountain we will have views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

ATV Wheel


Tie-Hack Cabin
Our first stop on this journey will be at an old tie-hack cabin.  Many decades ago, this mountain valley was used by tie hacks.  Men who were harvesting timber to make railroad ties.  They would dam the mountain stream until a large lake developed.  They would float their harvested logs on the lake and blow the dam.  The rush of water would carry the lumber down the mountain where it could be loaded on trailers and taken to the mill. 
Remnants of their work and living conditions still exist at this mountain stop.
Lym Lake
This beautiful hidden mountain lake is tucked into the mountain side and surrounded by dense pines and aspens.  Although this lake is on the map, it took us about five years to find it during our summer outings.  Now that we know where it is, it is always one of our favorite stops.  This is an ideal spot to stop and eat our packed lunches.

Elizabeth Ridge
This ride features one of the most magnificent views in the world and certainly in the national forest.  Join us as we climb Elizabeth mountain to arrive at the overlook of the wilderness area.  We look down into the West Fork of the Black’s Fork River drainage and the wilderness area of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  We are looking at the forest that has been untouched by the human experience.  This wilderness area is off limits to motorized recreation and even human interaction is limited.  This view is incredible and one of our favorites.

Lost Mountain Lake
This lake is not identified on our maps and that is how it got its name.  It sits at the base of an extremely steep rocky mountain.  The lake is from snow melt and has no release for its water which results in a
brilliant green color from the algae that has formed.



North Ridge of Elizabeth Mountain
It is difficult while writing this to not start every ride off with the words “this is a breathtaking ride” or “this is one of our favorite rides.” However, both can be said about the North Ridge of Elizabeth Mountain.  The views are stunning as we look at the ridge to the northeast and into Wyoming.  They are stunning.  As we wind our way down the mountain, we will keep our eyes open for wildlife.  On this ride, we have seen incredibly giant buck Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Moose, and Antelope.

West Fork of the Blacks Fork River Crossing 
After descending off of Elizabeth Ridge, we head south along the Blacks Fork River.  This valley leads to the wilderness area from the South Ridge of Elizabeth Mountain.  The valley is very open and beautiful, and as we cross the river
you better lift your feet, or you will get wet.

Day 4
Forest Trees


Gold Hill
This is the only ride we take that is south and west of The Cabins at Bear River Lodge.  All other rides are to the east.  This ride starts 6 miles south of Bear River Lodge.  We will either trailer machines to the trailhead or obtain permission from the Forest Service to drive down the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway.  From the trailhead, which starts at mile marker 43 on the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, we head west up Gold Hill mountain.  Again, the views are incredible, and we stop at a small mountain lake, an overview of the Whitney Reservoir, and one of our favorite pine-laced winding trails we call the Old Pine Forest.  Truly a fun ride.

Beaver Lake
This snow-fed lake is home to both Rainbow and Tiger Trout.  It is a small shallow lake that is at the base of one of our favorite snowmobile climbing hills – Double Hill.  We circle Beaver Lake and then ascend the mountain to climb Double Hill from the south side.  Once on top of Double Hill, we have incredible views to the west of the Weber River drainage and Park City, Utah.  These views are incredible and a great stopping point to eat our sack lunches.

Whitney Reservoir 
After lunch, we descend Double Hill to the west and take the Moffit Basin drainage down to the Whitney Ranger Station.  This remote cabin is maintained by volunteers and the Forest Service.  It sits alongside the West Fork of the Bear River.  The cabin is used as a base station for search and rescue.  It is kept stocked with firewood, an emergency supply trailer, and bunk beds.  This is one of the most frequent and popular stops on our winter snowmobile rides.

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